Shortwaves festival



Range of work

Direction of photography


Shortwaves is a short film festival organised in Poznan, Poland. I had an opportunity to cooperate with Studio Uniforma while producing visuals for the festival as a director of photography. We told the visual story using colour, entertaining and nostalgic props and unusual combinations.


Studio Uniforma / Creative direction, graphic design


Festival’s video was about creating a motion without using post production effects. Our goal was to arouse childish curiosity and nostalgy in the viewer by using props and colour. 

Visual identity

Studio Uniforma developed graphic designs and typography that combined with the photographs resulted in a very unique set of visual materials.

One year later

After one year, the festival’s theme was based on a “road” motif. To contrast with the previous visuals we used sets full of dark colours and contrast light, making analogy to the road thriller movies.

Next project

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