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Range of work

Print design


I designed Gagamodels’ limited edition Calendars and one Album. I also supervised the printing process. Here are some examples of the approved spreads and pages as well as my experiments with layout construction in printed or digital versions.

Photographs by

Willy Wanderpere / 2017 calendar
Mateusz Stankiewicz / 2016 calendar

The album

A unique set of photographs published in previous Gagamodels’ Calendars as well as the unpublished outtakes. Layed out on a large 50x70cm format. Printed on uncoated, recycled paper.

the grid

Layout is based on a classic modernist grid constructed using 4 columns with 12pt gutter and 8 rows with 10pt gutter. Line height is 12pt.

2017 Calendar

This edition of the Gagamodels’ Calendar featured photographs by Willy Wanderperre and was produced in 50x70cm format. The box made of crafted paper was designed to be used as a photo frame. The Calendar was released in limited edition of 100 copies.

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